Charity running: How to secure your place in 2019

If you are looking to run for charity in 2019 you are spolit for choice. The UK plays host to some of the most thrilling, high-profile running events in the world, drawing runners from all over to tread our sporting streets.

All this excitement can breed frustration, however, when the number of people wanting to run in an event outstrips the number of places available.

Many of the larger and oversubscribed events, like the London Marathon and Great North Run, have brought in a ballot-style system to deal with the issue. This allows participants to sign up and register their interest for the event. Registered runners will then be randomly selected on a chosen day, a bit like a lottery, until the event organisers hit their maximum capacity for the race.

Losing out to this lottery can be a real blow – but there is a fantastic solution for charity running places.

If you’re not already aware, many events up and down the country run their own charity places programmes. These programmes invite charities to buy a number of guaranteed places from the event before they go on sale to the general public, allowing charities to set their fundraising targets accordingly.

Most charities have the same fundraising targets for each race. However they can also vary massively, depending on the distance of race, and how much the event charges the charity for the place.

The good news is that there are only a handful of events that are oversubscribed and we at always recommend that fundraisers should try and buy their own place in the event. Not only does this save your charity time, it also saves them a shed load of money.

Think about it. If a charity gets 10 people enquiring wanting to run a half marathon, the places could cost the charity £55 each. Times this by 10, and it equates to £550.

This means the charity is in its overdraft before it has even started, and then if someone pulls out through injury, or decides not to fundraise (which happens more than you might think), a charity could actually lose money.

Missed out on a place on any of the events below? Simply click on the event and it will show you all the charities with guaranteed places available for fundraisers in those events. It’s then just a case of contacting them:

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